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Blenheim Gardens & Moorlands Estate

In 2013 we worked in partnership with the Blenheim Gardens Residents Management Organisation (BGRMO), the Youth Development Officer, Community Regeneration Team at Metropolitan Housing and residents of two housing estates to successfully develop and deliver after school study support pilot programme in literacy, numeracy and science to 40 children/young people between school years 3 and 8 at two Community Centres in Lambeth; the outcome is the foundation of our current work with Blenheim Gardens. 

This pilot project was well received and attended. We achieved our intake targets of 40 and a waiting list of 15 within 6 weeks of the pilot starting. Attendance remained at over 90% throughout the pilot and 85% of parents reported their children had made big improvements in their confidence to learn and showing greater commitment to understanding the importance of extra learning in literacy, numeracy and science. 

The Chocolate Museum

In 2013, we developed a fund raising campaign with the Chocolate Museum, Ferndale Road in Brixton and provided tutors to deliver 5 workshops helping 50 young people and parents attending the facility gained knowledge on the history, production and consumption of chocolate. 

Our work with the Chocolate Museum is ongoing and this summer we are running a series of workshops on the same topics.

Careers Development Agency (CDG)

More opportunity in 2013 for CEFL to showcase our strength to deliver. We did this during our 11 months collaboration  with the Careers Development Group to deliver an internship opportunity for 17-24 year old Lambeth residents who are NEET and have less than 6 months work history.  

The scheme provided 30 hours per week work placement over 13 weeks to the target group offering them opportunities to help them gain confidence in working in an office environment and help them, improve their chances of entering employment or full time education. 

We worked with each individual intern and helped them: develop their work plan, set specific goals, developed strategies to achieve set goals, self monitor their work, evaluate their experiences daily and referring them on to potential employment/training.

Our intervention help the group gained the valuable skills and work experience they need, making a difference to their confidence throughout their placement and post placement; helping 20 of 30 young people in to work or further education (75% and 25% respectively) over an 11 months contract.

Lillian Baylis Technology School

We also ran a project during 2012/13 providing targeted 1-2-1 tuition to 30 under achieving 14 -16 year old students in English, Maths and Science at Lillian Baylis Technology School and the interventions resulted in students gaining confidence in learning and helped improve the overall performance of the school. 

Our interventions helped 90%  of students gaining improved confidence in learning and the school reporting 40% of beneficiaries improving literacy skills and 30% improving numeracy skills.  As a result of this success the school integrated a similar programme into its after school support work for their students.

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