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Study Support School Programme (S3P)

at Blenheim

What fantastic results we have achieved with young residents of Blenheim Gardens Estate, let us tell about it.

The S3P at Blenheim provides 2 hours, 2 days a week after school additional curricular learning support in literacy, numeracy and science to help raise attainment levels for 8 to 13 year old residents of Blenheim Garden Estate.

This amazing project is a co-produced between the residents, the Residents Management Organisation (RMO) and CEF Lyncx, a local not-for-profit organisation.

Since inception in October 2013, the project now supports nearly 40 young people, 70% being residents of Blenheim Gardens each week and continues to attract more from neighbouring communities each week.

The project proved popular within the community and has made significant impact on the way young people view after-school curricular learning.

Parents have also told us the project has helped improve home learning. One parent said, "I cannot believe it! Since my child started to come here, when they want to do their homework before having their Tea; sometimes I even have to take it to them"

The young people also have their own story to tell about the benefits of the S3P to them.

Maria, age 13 said "I like coming here every week. Study support has helped me to improve my levels in school, my teacher has told me. I use to be really bad at maths and speaking aloud. Now everyone at school have noticed the difference in my confidence, I am really happy.

Malayz-Jah aged 11, "study support has helped me because when we do something here that I have never done at school, 2 days later, we do the same thing we done at study support  at school. This makes me feel very confident in school because I understand the work better in school"

These testimonies of experiences at the S3P shows how important the programme is to the young people who use it, and the difference 2 hours a week additional targeted learning support can make to help improve attainment levels of many young people in our community.

The S3P is running again from September 2014 in a number of community centres across Lambeth. You Can download an Application Form for the area close to where you live, complete and sent to us by email at community7@cefi.org.uk or by post or in person to:


Term Calendar 2014/15


Blenheim         Waltham  

Angell Town       Roupell

S3P Application Forms

Blenheim       Waltham


Angell Town       Roupell


CEF Lyncx

B7, Eurolink Business Centre

49 Effra Road


London SW2 1BZ


The Housing Office

Blenheim Gardens Estate

24 Prague Place


London SW2 5ED




Study Support School Football Team (S3FT)

at Blenheim

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