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About Us

CEF Lyncx is a community-led Charity based in Lambeth, formed in 2011. 

Our activities are governed by 4 elected Board of Trusteess who are accountable to our stakeholder.

CEF Lyncx's work focuses on developing and delivering community-led projects that help support the social, emotional, educational and economic needs of children, young people and their families with an extended aim to reach to the whole of their community and helping them to discover and achieve their full potential.

Our client profile covers all groups. However, priority is given to children, young people and families who are residents of Lambeth and who are identified to be, emotionally, socially, educationally and economically disadvantaged by social deprivation index definition.

We achieve our aims through providing: 

Study Support: this intervention, co-produced by CEF Lyncx, young people, parents and estate managers help young people improve their ability to manage their learning experience. The project narrows the achievement gap for young people who are under performing in school because they have little or no help with learning at home and ultimately, leads them along the path of becoming financial independent in the long-term. 

It provide opportunity for young people to:
• learn skills they need to overcome the barriers they face with learning
• improve their literacy and numeracy skills and help them do well in other subjects in school
• improve their wellbeing by reducing the constant distress they experience because of their parents' economic circumstances 
• improve their chances of achieving higher GCSE prediction
• boost their confidence and improve their chances of achieving higher GCSE results 
• greater chance of entering further education and ultimately, future career prosperity.

Football: Play4Fun football teams are formed by CEF Lyncx and young people living on social housing estates across Lambeth and supported by their housing management organisations.
The aim is to use the 'magic of football' to bring young people together on their estate and beyond; lowering estate/postcode barriers and allowing young people believe in themselves, have the opportunity to engage positively with other young people across estate boundaries and feel good about it.

The Play4Fun project runs 2 hour weekly football training sessions led by qualified coaches and volunteers throughout the year on each of the participating estates
We also run 4 tournaments each year, the Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn Tournaments bringing all the participating estates together to compete under one community umbrella, 'Play4Fun'

Targeted Workshops: We do this by working collaboratively with young people, the majority of who are disadvantaged because they have missed the opportunity to develop such skills due to their limited social, emotional, educational and economic circumstances. 
Our work provide an opportunity for the young people to improve on/develop the leadership skills they need to help them participate in processes such as local decision making processes and securing change for the community. 

We work with the community to develop Youth Forums and provide young people the chance to develop skills such as, chairing and managing meetings, working with and representing their community and working with others members of the wider community for the benefit of the youth community

Play4Fun is organised in partnership between CEFLyncx, Young People from the housing estates and their resident led Estate Management Boards.

All the activities we run including the holiday activities are focused on helping participating young people:

1. gain skills that are transferable in other areas of their personal development

2. gain increased self-confidence and self-esteem to help them make decisions about their future and

3. achieving pathway goals they set for themselves will help them realise their potential to learn new skills and feeling good to celebrate their achievements

4. gain problem solving, decision making, taking responsibility for their own actions. The delivery team will give time to the C/YP to test how resilient they are, learn to believe in themselves, recognising and build on skills they already have

5. Meet and build relationships with local youths they may not otherwise get the opportunity to meet within the same borough/municipal.

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