Virtual After-School Study Support Schooling Programme @CEFLyncx

Our Virtual Extra Study Support Schooling Project (VS3P) offers extra help with literacy (English) and numeracy (Maths) for Key Stage 1-3 (year 1-9) pupils with a core aim to add to efforts to help school age young people improve and/or achieve beyond their personal attainment level in these core curricular subjects.


If your child need additional a booster with literacy and numeracy and would like them to join us, then please use the 'ClickMe' button to register them.

This programme runs online and its aim is to help your child gain the support they need to help them to improve their attainment levels in these core subjects and therefore, we would encourage parents/carers of the school year group who we are providing this service for to consider signing up because we @CEFLyncx strongly believe that;


'every little help a child/young person receive towards their education add to improving their chances of success now and in the future'


The programme runs from 5pm to 7pm, Monday to Thursday (Term Time Only).


To join the programme, you will need:

·     internet access

·     a little quiet space

·     a computer

·     commitment

·     register at 'ClickMe' below

CEFLyncx Virtual After-School Study Support Schooling Programme is offered in small class sizes, 10:2/3 students to tutor ratio and our tutors deliver subject topics in line with the national school curriculum with tutor assistant and volunteers provide additional assistance for young people with extra learning needs. Together, they deliver 2 hours, learning programme in:

1.     Literacy

2.     Numeracy

3.     Science

4.     Volunteering Opportunity available (over 16 year olds only)

Our Delivery Method::The method we use is focus on;

·       tutor-led teaching,

·       one-to-one support

·       group learning

·       individual learning

·       practical exampling

·       parents involvement

·       school's involvement.

These combined approaches help us tailor teaching to the individual young person's learning needs; making teaching more interesting for young people, sustain attendance and leads to improved attainment levels for young people not just in the subjects we offer but also in other curricular subjects.

Application Form:

You can access the application form to register a child at the "Click Here" button below.

For more information, email us at External link opens in new tab or of contact Miss Williamson on 07984 337 812

CLICK Below to Access the Registration Form

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